My Dog is Scared of Gunshots and Fireworks.

I am happy she isn't scared of Thunder because if she was then I would spend a fortune on doggy Valium.

There is a certain time of year when we all need to be worried about the safety of our pups and that is any holiday with fireworks.


Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July Are the Top 3 Holidays for Pet Emergencies.

The loud booms can cause havoc in our homes and in many cases it can cause a lot of harm. It always happens without fail, right around the 4th of July we hear of people frantically looking for their dogs because they jumped fences or got loose during outdoor activities because they were startled and ran off.

Kira-Yan via Thinkstock
Kira-Yan via Thinkstock

Did You Know That There is Doggy Xanax Available for Your Pup?

It's time to call your vet and make sure you get some before the 4th of July weekend. Do it before the week is over, make sure your vet doesn't run out of meds before you call it in. I imagine veterinarians will be super busy with anxious dog parents.

You can do many things besides give your dog some much-needed medications.

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks for You to Look Into.

1. Keep your pets indoors with the air conditioner running, and windows closed, and turn the radio on to help mask the noise.

2. Give your pets the freedom to hide under the bed, behind the toilet, in the shower, or in the back of the closet. This may soothe them more than cuddling them.

3. Your dog may not want to be a part of the local fireworks show, let them have their chew toys to relieve anxiety at home inside, in a safe environment.

Please remember that spaying and neutering your pets keep them safe. Make sure they're up to date with their shots and have current tags and a microchip.

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