If a Local Restaurant in Shreveport-Bossier Serves Up Wings, I Am There.

There are several places in town that serve up wings, however, there are few in town that make wings right every time.

I Love Football Season Because We are All On High Alert Sharing New Wing Flavors With Eachother.

Flying Heart Brewing Company is one of my top three spots in town for wings. Yes, I go there to get buzzed off a couple of Day Wrecker beers but I also go there to eat my favorite dry wings in town.

What Is More Cajun Than the Crawfish Dry Rub Wings?

The answer is zilch, nada. These wings just scream "Hey look at us we are from the Bayou State.". I am usually not one to opt for dry rub wings, I love Buffalo wings. However, these Crawfish Dry Rub wings are some of the best in town and simply can't be beaten.

Flying Heart VIA Facebook
Flying Heart VIA Facebook

Did You Know That Flying Heart is Selling Their Crawfish Dry Rub?

I am trying to beat my neighbor in the wing game, yes, we are going to put our wings up against each other, and I asked the bartenders to go into the kitchen and bribe the cook for some of the Crawfish Dry Rub. It was at that moment that I was let in on a little secret. Flying Heart sells their dry rubs to anyone who asks.

You Don't Have to Bribe the Cook or Sweet Talk One of the Managers for the Secret to the Best Wings in Town.

You can purchase the Crawfish Dry Rub or the Curry Wing Rub simply by asking your bartender or water. They can just add it to the tab. It's that easy.

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