This weekend was a fun one! Of course every time a new beer is introduced to me I am bound to have a good time. I had heard that a new beer was coming exclusively to the 318 but I had no idea it was already released. I decided to make a trip to Great Raft Brewing to see Al Boogie perform some songs from his upcoming album. When we showed up to Great Raft I saw a unique cup for sale with "318" on the cup. "Wait you guys released 318 already?" Was my first comment. I headed straight to the bar to add the 318 to my $10 flight of beers.

Pretty sure Great Raft had crawfish in mind when they came up with this crisp refreshing beer. It has hints of honey so I guess you can say it's perfect if you have seasonal allergies right? My boyfriend found a new favorite local beer, I guess growlers of 318 are what I can gift him for his birthday from now on. As for me, I can't seem to get away from Awkward Uncle.

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