The common phrase is "dog is man's best friend"...but it actually might go beyond that. Because there is a ton of scientific evidence that shows people don't really treat their pets as "friends", but generally think of pets as "family members".

Which is likely the reason behind our drive to not only name our pets, but to put a lot of thought into those names. Especially when it comes to dogs. I say that because of popular culture when it comes to pets.

Think about all of the pop culture cat names you can think of. Not counting Catwoman, we have a couple examples that pop out...Tom from Tom & Jerry, Garfield, Cat in the Hat (didn't even have a name). We're not going to include tigers, panthers, and humanoid cats like the Thundercats. But now think about pop culture dogs. Scooby, Clifford, Beetoven, Pluto, Brian, Porkchop, Snoopy, Air Bud, Zero, Blue, Krypto, Scrappy, Underdog, Astro, Courage, Mr. Peabody, Benji, Toto, Gromit, Baxter, Cujo...ok, maybe lets not count Cujo.


But the point I'm trying to make is that our society has a deeper history of pop culture dogs. Cats are just, well...they're there. And sure, through history they've been worshiped by cultures and drawn by artists for centuries. Not trying to take away from that. Just pointing out that in popular culture, we seem to collectively like watching movies and TV shows based on dogs more than cats.

Which gives us more ideas for names when we bring a new family member in. Do you name your new dog after a pop culture dog like Snoopy, or do you create a new name?

Maybe you can just take one of this list of the top dog names in the state of Texas:

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