The excuse I hear most often as to why someone doesn't want to adopt a dog from a shelter is "I want a certain breed, they don't have it there." What if I told you that finding a certain breed that's a rescue isn't that difficult. You just need to research! There are so many rescue groups out there that take certain breeds of dogs and they're begging for someone like you to gift a forever home to one of their rescue dogs. The first time I took in a foster puppy, I met Heather Davis, who is a huge advocate in helping rescue animals. We discussed the perks of adopting.

Here are 5 Reasons you should consider adopting this Christmas Season!

1. Unlimited Cuddles!

Heather Martin Davis

When you find the perfect rescue, that fits your family, they appreciate you and somehow offer the best cuddles! It's like they are constantly thanking you for rescuing them! Heather Davis and her family have several rescues in their home she claims "Rescue animals are GRATEFUL! Most of the time life has not been kind to them prior to being rescued, so they are appreciative of the little things in life, affection, toys, a cozy bed, being fed regularly."

2. You're saving a life.

Heather Martin Davis

Every year 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized, you could make a difference. Heather Davis added "Adoption supports efforts to alleviate the burden of the pet overpopulation crisis"

3. You save a lot of money.

Heather Martin Davis

Most shelter animals get spayed and neutered and have all of their shots. Heather has helped several different organizations rescue animals and knows the costs first hand, "Adoption is usually much more cost effective. Fully vetted (spay/neuter, dewormer, microchip, Rabies, parvo/distemper shots, bordetella vaccine, etc) dogs for usually $150 or less. Those services are often more than $1,000 at a vet."

4. You're not supporting Puppy Mills.

Heather Martin Davis

"Adoption forces puppy mills and backyard breeders out of business, therefore putting a stop to one of the largest contributors of animal cruelty" added Heather Davis

5. When you adopt, you are helping save more lives!

Heather Martin Davis

"You save two lives by adopting--the dog you adopt, and you also make room for the next dog coming in" said Heather Davis

Take a look at our local shelters and rescue groups. Help be a part of the solution, and add a cute new furry family member in the process!