It seems like the first half of 2022 is all about jobs!  More and more big corporations are setting up shop, or expanding their already-existing facilities - either way, this means good news for Louisiana job-seekers!

According to a report from Business Report, a North Louisiana industrial facility is planning to expand their facility once again.  Mid South Extrusion will reportedly throw down $4.9 million to add a 12th production line, and that means lots of good-paying jobs.

The location in Monroe produces polyethylene film, which is used by virtually every industry under the sun.  The new production line will focus on making film specifically for food storage, and workers are already being trained to work it.  Reportedly, those 170 workers plus 8 more will be working it once construction is complete later this year.

This is the latest in a long list of companies either building or expanding their operations in North Louisiana, and bringing a lot of jobs in the process.  Last month, Sunny Point Aggregates announced they would be hiring to staff their planned 3rd location in Bossier Parish.  On top of that, the massive Amazon facility is set to bring hundreds of jobs to the Shreveport area when it opens in the fall of this year.

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