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The Shreveport area is still hearing about labor shortages every day. But as many economic experts have pointed out, there's really not a "labor shortage", there's a wage shortage. Financial newspaper Barron's wrote:

"A labor shortage means there aren’t enough workers, and that is simply not the current case. While there are plenty of workers available, there are far fewer available, willing, and able to work at the current wages being offered. In other words, it isn’t that demand for workers is too high, it’s that wages are too low."

Now in the Shreveport metro area, there are some high paying jobs. But there aren't enough of those to go around. Most of the jobs in our area fall into the "low wage" category. In the Shreveport area, the wages for many jobs in the low wage categories are actually some of the lowest in the country, according to research from the data collection website Stacker.

Here is a look at the lowest paying jobs in the Shreveport metro area:

20 Lowest Paying Jobs In Shreveport

The data collection website Stacker looked at data on the lowest paying jobs in our area. Here's what they found.

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