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Those who weren't blessed to be born right here in the Bayou State, but were still handed God's gift with the opportunity to live here, are sometimes a little confused about the way we talk, the way we live, and the standard operating procedure of overall life here.

Think of those back in the 1970's who moved here to work at the General Motors plant, or at the old Western Electric, later to become Bell South or AT&T. There are those who have transferred here to Barksdale Air Force Base or other industry, who have all had to adjust to the way we do things around here.

While most have understood that our way of life is truly the preferred one, this message is for those who have yet to adjust and for those who will come when the new Amazon warehouse is up and running.

We don't care how you did it in Kansas! We do things our way and we really don't much feel like changing. Okay, I said it!

But specifically what are the things I'm talking about? I just happen to have prepared a list!

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