A man and two teen boys walked into a Shell station in Auburn, Washington. What should have been a regular work day for a store clerk ended in him fighting for his life. The arguing between the clerk and teenagers started over a pepperoni stick. One of the teens started to eat his pepperoni stick while in the store, he then took another stick and handed it off to the other teen. The man with the two teenage boys was charged by the clerk for 2 pepperoni sticks and the argument started. The clerk stepped out from behind the counter to try and get the money and got a dollar from one of the teens. When the clerk hit the floor due to a heart attack the teens did everything except call for help. One of the teens went back for his dollar bill that fell next to the clerk on the floor. The teens went back inside three times. The Auburn Police Department claims that the teens stole cigarettes and $178. This was all done while the clerk laid there battling for his life. At one point you see a teen step over the clerk to try and raid the register.

A customer walked in 3 minutes after the teens took off and started to perform CPR. The clerk is in the hospital on life support. The store clerk has 3 small children and a wife. Basic human decency took a back seat here. The suspects have been identified by the Auburn Police Department and justice is on the way. Have we quit teaching empathy? Are we past the point of basic human decency? How does something like this happen in our world today?

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