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The city of Shreveport might be too big. Not too big when it comes to population, that has been dropping in Shreveport for years. But the physical size of Shreveport is too big.

Unlike the population, the square miles of Shreveport have been growing for decades. Which can lead to some serious issues, especially when the population is declining. Because as the population drops, so does the revenue a city has to pay for things. People in cities pay taxes, those taxes go to pay for police, roads, sewers, parks, sidewalks, water systems, and all the things that make a city go.

So if you have a city that's really big, physically, that means you have more roads, sidewalks, water pipes, grass to cut, street lights, and ground for police to cover. It's more expensive to have a physically larger city than it is to have a small one.

When you do a quick Google search to see how big Shreveport is, you will find that the city is listed at 123 square miles. Which is pretty freaking big. In fact, it's much larger than a lot of cities with higher populations.

Shreveport is bigger than cities that have three times the population. In some cases, Shreveport is big enough to fit TWO cities that have substantially larger populations inside the city limits.

Here is a look at 12 cities in US that have bigger populations than Shreveport, but are actually smaller in size than Shreveport:

12 Big US Cities Smaller Than Shreveport

Firing off a quick Google search, you will be served with the answer of 123 square miles for the size of Shreveport. We will use Google to search for the sizes of all the cities listed below as well.

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