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To say that we are living through some exceptional times is an understatement.  What we are seeing is no less than a once in a lifetime (hopefully) pandemic so devastating it has gripped the entire world in fear.

Now that we are on the precipice of the re-opening of our economy and the lifting of stay-at-home orders put in place to help us combat this modern-day plague, I think it's worthwhile to put some of the now-normal artifacts we've become accustomed to aside for future generations.  My family and I are planning to put together and bury a Coronavirus time-capsule filled with these items.

So far, it has been a great project for the family.  It has certainly helped my oldest son understand what a strange time we are really living in.  Planning to leave these important artifacts behind has also helped us remember that this is temporary.  Sure, there will be lasting effects and - yes, life will be different from now on.

That being said, we will get past this.  Some of this will eventually become a distant memory.  Several years down the line, someone will find these capsules and re-live the absolute weirdness that permeates every aspect of our lives right now.

Here's my running list of things I believe should go in the capsule:

10 Essential Items for Your Shreveport Coronavirus Time Capsule

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