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Hunter Hayes To Sing National Anthem at Saints Game
Hunter Hayes has been tearing up the road touring over the last two years with Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift along with promoting his debut album. Life won't slow down for him a bit this weekend, but at least he's celebrating his 21st birthday here at home in Louisiana! …
Saints Practicing Without Drew Brees
Well, the Saints and Drew Brees are still reportedly $2 million dollars apart in their contract negotiations. Until a deal is inked, practice will continue without Drew Brees. Even though the seasoned quarterback is absent, Saints interim Coach Joe Vitt isn't worried one bit.
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hate the Saints!
First let me start by disclosing that I am a HUGE Saints fan.  I have been for 30 years.  I'm no bandwagon guy.  I was with them during the low years, with them through the Katrina-stricken season, with them when they finally won the Superbowl, and am still with them during these new low times.  So,…
Saints Football – Funny Cheating Song [VIDEO]
Well, most of us would agree that the recent news out of the Superdome of  "payday bonuses for injury" is quite disappointing. So much so that one radio broadcaster decided to coin a tune regarding our beloved Saints. . . "Dem Cheatin Saints". Enjoy!

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