Hurricane Season

Will Hurricane Irma Hit Houston, Too?
Make no mistake, the 2017 hurricane season is one of the worst so far, and it's not over until November 30th. With roughly 3 months to go - we may see quite a few bad storms before the year is up.
Preparing For Hurricane Isaac – How You Can Help
Emergency response officials are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as Tropical Storm Isaac picks up strength in the Gulf of Mexico. There is one shelter already open in the Ark-La-Tex with other locations on standby as needed. We have shelter information as well as volunteer informatio…
What City Is Most Overdue For a Hurricane?
Tornadoes have captured much of the nation's attention this year, but hurricane season is not too far away, so Americans should be prepared for the possibility of devastating storms, even if you think there's no way one will come to your town.
A new list says Honolulu, Hawaii is the most overdue city…