Eager Shreveport-Bossier residents lined up at local game stores to be the first to purchase Sony's new game video system the PlayStation 4 (or PS4), which launched in the US on Nov. 15.

The GameStop on Pines Rd. in Shreveport was one of many that stayed open past midnight so customers could pick up their PS4s a little early - and have an excuse to come in a little late for work the next day.

Popular launch titles included well known franchises that exploded over the last round of HD consoles, the PS3 and Xbox 360. The latest iteration of the hugely successfu Call of Duty series, 'Ghosts,' and first person shooter rival Battlefield 4 jockeyed for gamers' dollars. Sony's own high profile exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall proved another popular choice.

On the sports side, EA's Madden 25 appealed to armchair quarterbacks buying a PS4.

Speaking of Microsoft, the company's own next-gen game console the Xbox One is also set to launch later this month on Nov. 22. However, a steeper price tag ($499, or $100 more than the PS4) and a summer full of bad press over unpopular design decisions (which the company ultimately changed) left a bad taste in many consumers' mouths.

That reaction has helped bolster Sony's PS4's numbers, according to a GameStop employee.

'It's about 4 to 1 [in Sony's favor]' said the employee when asked about the difference between pre-order sales for the two systems.