Garth Brooks will be the first artist to ever play a concert at Notre Dame Stadium. The country star announced the news at a press conference on Monday (July 9).

A date for the concert has not yet been announced. "I don't know if they told you, but they have a football season going on there," Brooks joked during his press conference. "So there's a dance between those two schedules."

Brooks did share, however, that additional artists will be performing with him -- but his wife, Trisha Yearwood, who was his special guest at all of his 2014-2017 World Tour stops, will not be joining him at the show.

As for tickets, details are still forthcoming. Brooks said that the tickets will be "expensive," but not too steep.

"Will it be under 100 bucks?" he said. "You bet your ass it’ll be under 100 bucks."

The Boot will update this story as additional information on the show is made available. "A lot of this stuff can't be said yet, but it's all coming," Brooks assured media.

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz and Mike Seamon, the school's vice president for campus safety and event management, were on hand in Nashville to help Brooks make his big announcement. The decision to bring Brooks to Notre Dame Stadium, the two explained, was inspired by the recently completed Campus Crossroads Project, which added three new buildings to the stadium.

“Garth has always loved to do things first and take that challenge and embrace that," Seamon said. “If we’re gonna do a first concert and set the bar, it’s Garth. This is what we wanna do. We couldn't be prouder to have him as part of the Notre Dame family."

Brooks expressed a similar sentiment. "You do things in your life that you're proud of, if you're lucky," he explained. "This one, just by association, brings a ton of pride to myself and my family.

"I can't tell you how excited we are to bring a different kind of crazy to that stadium," he continued. "It opens the door for us, I believe, for our next chapter in our lives as people and as recording artists...This is a great way to start what's next."

During his press conference, Brooks also hinted that additional stadium concerts are on the docket, but he did not give any concrete details on those events. There will be only a few dates, the country star did say, and each one will be an “event unto its own."

"To tell you the truth, I think the reason why [Notre Dame] chose us [to give its stadium's first concert] is because of the country music audience," Brooks went on to say. "They know the country music audience is gonna come in and get as loud as they've ever seen it in there, but at the same time, a country music audience is going to respect these hallowed grounds and treat them with the respect that Notre Dame deserves and has earned. The people who'll come to see a Garth Brooks show, I can't wait to introduce them to Notre Dame, and I can't wait to introduce Notre Dame to our people."

Brooks first said that a new tour and new were coming in early June, during an episode of his Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, in response to fan questions. He released a brand new single, "All Day Long," in mid-June and has said numerous times that he's working on another studio album, to follow 2016's Gunslinger.

During his Inside Studio G chat, Brooks shared specifically that his next trek would be on a "whole different level." He also said then that he'd announce his next set of tour dates in chunks, rather than one city at a time, as he did during his 2014-2017 World Tour. It's possible he'll be going international as well: While on the North American dates of his World Tour, Brooks shared that he was working on plans to get over to Europe and Australia.

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