Daily Distraction

Christmas Picture Fails
Did your kid have a meltdown during pictures with Santa? Did a family photo get ruined because of that uncle who never shows up on time and didn't know there was a theme? Send us your Christmas fails! Post a photo in the comments below.
Website Outs Sexual Misconduct in Your Favorite Movies
There is a website that is aiming to out the "pigs". It's simple, you type in the name of your favorite movie, and hit enter. Hopefully the message comes back as "This movie has no known affiliation to anyone with allegations of sexual misconduct against them."
10 Easy Things to Do to Make Extra Christmas Money
The time of year where we all scramble and try and figure out a way to make our budget work. It seems like every year our Christmas buying list gets longer and longer. I had a friend tell me she was on a cleaning binge to go sell a bunch of her stuff and make some Christmas money...

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