We know a thing or two about frogs in Louisiana. We have a festival dedicated to the amphibian and we know how to hunt them, cook them, and eat them.

Most of the time an order of frog legs includes six. Yes, they do taste like chicken and when prepared the way we prepare them in South Louisiana they might even be better than chicken.

While we've got some big croakers in our swamps, bayous, and ponds I've got to hand it to this guy from South Texas. His name is Markus Rangel and according to the South Texas Hunting Association Facebook page, he bagged a big ol' bullfrog.

Yup, that's a big one. However, it might not be as big as it actually looks. It appears as though Markus might be using an old fishing trick. He does appear to be holding the frog out in front of him so it looks bigger to the camera.

Photo tricks or not, this is a big darn frog. If you're wondering this bad boy weighed in at about 13 pounds. That's bigger than your average human baby. It was nabbed near Batesville Texas in a fishing pond.

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