I am, what you would call, an audiophile. I have amassed a fairly vast collection of vintage vinyl albums over the years, a great portion of which I still love to play.

Some of my albums were found in less than perfect condition, so a while back I set out to find a fool proof way to clean and restore some of these records. Believe it or not, I found one of the most unusual and most effective ways to do it.

Wood glue. Yep...Wood glue.

If your records are super dirty, you can wash them with warm water and dish soap, using your hands to get off the major dirt. Let you record dry, then follow the instructions in this video to get all of the dirt and debris from inside the grooves. Not only will this bring your old vinyl back to life, but the clean grooves are much better for the stylus on your turntable.

If you're a record collector like me, you should try this. Unbelievably, it really works!


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