As a person who enjoys an occasional micro-brew, I've spent more than average for a bottle of beer, but even the most expensive I've ever tried did not exceed $10. (Believe me, that one was worth it!)

But the Samuel Adams Brewery--famous for their large selection of seasonal beers--is hoping you fork over two Benjamins for a bottle of their latest creation.


The brewer's Web site describes the pricey 56-proof (Yes, that's 28% alcohol by volume) Utopias line as "the craft beer community's most renowned and sought-after extreme barrel-aged beer."

Sam Adams produced only 13,000 bottles of Utopias--from 68 wooden casks. One can assume this is the reason why the brew will set you back the same price of about 25 sixers of Budweiser. (That's tax included).

But for the avid (and I mean very, very avid)  "zymurgist"--or beer lover--the Utopias is designed for you. It will hit store shelves soon, but not everywhere. WHY?

Because at a potent 28% ABV, it is illegal in 12 states!

But don't worry, Louisiana is not one of them.

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