Nobody cooks a Christmas dinner like your Mom!  Her turkey and dressing are what dreams are made of!  But, what if Mom decided to charge you $35 per head for that dinner because she's afraid the cost of it might make her go broke?

In the case of my Mom, or my aunts, $35 is getting off cheap, but I can't imagine having to pay for it.  Everyone in the family always brings a dish or two, to add to the meal, and we all feel we've gotten our "money's worth" as we sit around after the meal and snooze away the effects of that turkey and cranberry sauce.

However, according to the Sun, Leah Wright, a working mom, put pencil to paper, figured out how much the meal was costing her, and decided to send a bill to her guests.

Leah tells the Sun that the decision to adopt the practice came about during the Christmas she was on maternity leave and had to host 18 guests, including four kids. After purchasing the food and drinks, she and her partner summed up just how much it cost them to feed each person, and then sent people bills.

As you might expect, her guests didn't respond well at first. Leah says, "My partner’s family made comments like, ‘What’s the point of inviting people if you’re going to charge them?’"

Which I think is a valid question.  Isn't Christmas supposed to be a family gathering where everyone pitches in, out of the goodness of their heart?  But, we can't put all of the financial burden of this huge meal on just one person, so it's easy to see the other side of the coin as well.

Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come.  Now, please pass the dressing and giblet gravy.


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