I was out to lunch with my friend Hillary and we started talking about how busy photographers must be this time of year with High School Seniors and all the Senior photo shoots. We then started talking about seniors, like the ones who keep you on the edge of your seat, oh yeah, I am talking about the royal 65 plus club. They get that 10% senior discount at certain restaurants, they say what they want because they've seen it all. Most importantly these seniors in our lives always give us a different outlook in life. Chances are our favorite seniors probably never got to do a High School Senior photo shoot. We want to fix that, and give them something even better, a Senior Citizen photo shoot!

JC Robertson Photography

All it took was one call to our friend at JC Robertson Photography, "Hey, are you down for a senior photo shoot?" of course she was on board. So here is where you come in, we need you to nominate your grandma, grandpa, neighbor, aunt, whoever that sassy senior in your life is that brings you so much joy, we want you to nominate them to win a Senior Photo Shoot. Don't worry you can join in too, up to 8 people can join the amazing senior during their photo shoot. We will have all the rules and an easy way for you to submit your nomination next week, as for now, find out who that sassy senior in your life is and get ready to nominate them for an amazing photo shoot with JC Robertson Photography!