Seems like everyone is now talking about the probability of the east coast of the United States seeing a huge invasion this Spring of Japan's Joro spider.

Just Look At Some Of These Headlines hits us with the headline, "Giant spiders expected to drop from sky across the East Coast this spring" writes, "Will we see giant, parachuting spiders in Kentucky? Bug expert weighs in on Joro spider"

And one of my favorite headlines actually came from where they wrote, "Zillions' of big spiders are about to invade the East Coast"

Of course, it was several months back when we informed you of the possibility of the spiders moving towards Louisiana after seeing this video from the University of Georgia that gave us a good idea of what's possibly headed our direction.

So, Why Is This Back In The News Again?

The issue of a possible expansion of these arachnids from Georgia over the whole East Coast was just brought up in another recent article from the University of Georgia.

But Why Do People Say They'll "Parachute" or "Balloon" Down? writes, "many people are referring to the arachnid species as parachuting spiders because of their unique ability."  And that ability is to "using their web, ride the wind for transport."

However, the article from the University of Georgia, states the most probable cause for expansion is due to accidental human transport.  And because of that, these bright blue, black, yellow and red Joro spiders could colonize the entire East Coast this spring.

Yes, They Are Spiders, But Don't Be Afraid

As you can tell, these spiders can get enormous; about three inches in diameter or the size of the palm of a child. But most experts agree that the spiders themselves aren't much of a problem. It's their massive webs that prove to be troublesome. Some can have a diameter of up to ten feet!

Even though they look scary, apparently there's no reason to panic.  According to Benjamin Frick, undergraduate researcher at the University of Georgia, "The spiders are relatively harmless to people and pets, making their presence more of a nuisance than dangerous. Joros won’t bite unless cornered, and their fangs are often not large enough to break human skin."

And if they really do come to the Bayou State. I love this guy's idea on how to make the most of the situation, Redneck Style.

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