I once read a statistic that said 85% of all humans are afraid of spiders. I have decided that I am in that 85%. Maybe it was that movie "Arachnophobia" came out right about the time my mom put her hand in a black widow's nest. Add those to the fact the first time I was high on pain medicine after breaking my ankle at 12 years old, I literally spoke to the Television which was on Rosanne where Dan (John Goodman, who is also in Arachnophobia) was looking for something to write with... and I said,  "There's a pen over here, Daddy..." and almost fell out of bed trying to get a pen that didn't exist for a man who wasn't my father. lol

These events scarred me for life. This is my childhood baggage. lol There is nothing normal about hairy spiders. I mean, ok, we have hairy legs too and no one likes them either!

Anyway, so my boyfriend learned how to catch bugs and put them in like bug collections or something when he was in school in Colorado, so he got this one the other night.

For some reason, the rationality of the main spiders to look out for in our area being Black Widows and Brown Recluses goes out the window, and I am terrified- CONVINCED that this is an unseen member in the spider family that will somehow find it's way into my life.

Then I find out that they are nice spiders who are scared of me and then I feel bad for having them disposed of. I must come to terms with this, because, let's face it spiders have been in the country longer than I have. lol What kinda spider is this anyway?

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