Christiana Holcomb from the Alliance Defending Freedom talks about the possible override of the Governor's veto of the women's sports protection bill.

Holcomb details her group's efforts to convince Louisiana lawmakers to overturn Governor John Bel Edwards blocking of the legislation that codified high school athletes could only participate on sports teams that align with their gender at birth.

"Alliance Defending Freedom is the nation's largest organization protecting the civil liberties of every American," Holcomb says, "And that includes young women's rights to fair competition and equal athletic opportunity.

Here's what Holcomb said to KEEL in a Thursday morning interview:

"There are policies across the country that allow males to come in dominate girls sports...and potentially interfering with their opportunities to compete for college scholarships."

The Governor, who vetoed the bill that easily passed both the state House and Senate, has expressed concerns that if the law is enacted, it could cost the state millions in tourist and convention revenue.

"What I find really bad is that your governor has listened to the voices of activists and woke corporations instead of acting in the best interests of female athlete," says Holcomb, "It's important for lawmakers to be (concerned) for the female athletes in their states. It is protecting the integrity of women's sports to be sure that these girls have a fair and level playing field.

"The reason that we have separate categories for women's sports is that there are real physical differences between boys and girls and it's unfair to force our daughters to compete against male athletes."

The veto override session would begin July 20 in Baton Rouge if two thirds of both legislative houses vote to hold four-day-special-session.

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