Qualifying began today for the November 2016 congressional and presidential elections.

Aside from U.S. President, voters in Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto and Webster have some other big decisions to make.

There's a lengthy list of candidates for the Louisiana U.S. Senate race. They are:

Beryl Billiot (No Party) - Kentwood
Charles Boustany (R) - Lafayette
Foster Campbell (D) - Bossier City
"Joseph" Cao (R) - Harvey
Thomas P. Clements (L) - Lafayette
Donald "Crawdaddy" Crawford (R) - Covington
David Duke (R) - Mandeville
Derrick Edwards (D) - Harvey
Caroline Fayard (D) - Baton Rouge
John Fleming (R) - Minden
Le Roy Gillam (L) - Washington
Troy Hebert (No Party) - Jeanerette
John Kennedy (R) - Baton Rouge
Gary Landrieu (D) - New Orleans
William Robert "Bob" Lang Jr. (Other) - Natchitoches
"Rob" Maness (R) - Madisonville
Kaitlin Marone (No Party) - New Orleans
Charles Marsala (R) - Metairie
MV "Vinny" Mendoza (D) - Ponchatoula
Abhay Patel (R) - New Orleans
Joshua Pellerin (D) - Lafayette
Gregory Taylor Jr. (Other) - New Orleans
Arden Wells (No Party) - Ponchatoula
Peter Williams (D) - Lettsworth

These candidates have qualified for 4th Congressional District U.S. Representative:

Ralph "Trey" Baucum (R) - Shreveport
Elbert Guillory (R) - Opelousas
Mark David Halverson (No Party) - Shreveport
Oliver Jenkins (R) - Shreveport
"Rick" John (R) - Shreveport
"Mike" Johnson (R) - Bossier City
Marshall Jones (D) - Shreveport
Kenneth J. Krefft (No Party) - Shreveport

Bossier Parish voters are also electing:

2nd Circuit, 2nd District, At-Large Court of Appeal Judge

Jay Caraway (R) - Bossier City
"Jeff" Cox (R) - Benton

Mayor - Town of Benton

Johnnie Brunson (D)
James E. Friday (R)
John "Jr" Hollis (D)
S.G. Horton, Jr. (R)
Diane Naron (D)
Kenneth "Ken" Shiflett (Other)

Mayor - Town of Haughton

Jack Hicks (R)

Mayor - Town of Plain Dealing

Donna Canales (No Party)
David Smith (R)

Chief of Police - Town of Benton

Charles Pilkinton (R)

Chief of Police - Town of Haughton

"Wayne" Berry (R)
Ronald "Todd" Gibson (R)
Adrian Ruffin (D)

Marshal - Town of Plain Dealing

"Tim" Cannon (Other)
Ronnie Murray (No Party)

Alderman District 2 - Town of Plain Dealing

Alderman District 3 - Town of Plain Dealing

Howard Haynie (R)

Alderman District 4 - Town of Plain Dealing

Cindy Anderson Dodson (R)

Alderman District 1 - Town of Benton

Jacqueline Neal Carr (D)
Willie Kelly (R)

Alderman District 2 - Town of Benton

Linda Gates (D)

Alderman District 3 - Town of Benton

Ronald "Ronnie" Jones (Other)

Alderman District 4 - Town of Benton

Donna Moore Wyatt (R)

Alderman District 5 - Town of Benton

Wayne Cathcart (No Party)
"Tommy" Hill (D)

Aldermen District 1 - Town of Plain Dealing (2 to be elected)

Kimberly Holt "Kim" Allums (R)
Shanthia "Shanita" Gay (No Party)

Aldermen - Town of Haughton (5 to be elected)

"Doug" Adams (D)
Melba Baker (D)
K.W. "Kim" Gaspard (R)
Doris J. Grappe (D)
Jo Anne Harnage Keith (R)
Deborah Killion (R)
Martha Mcgee (R)
Jonathan Phillips (R)
"Charlene" Smith (D)
Phillip Smith (R)
Elbert Winfield (D)

Caddo Parish voters are also electing:

Juvenile Court Judge, Elec. Sect. 1C

Four candidates so far, all Democrats and all from Shreveport -- Ree J. Casey-Jones, Trina Chu, Carlos Prudhomme and Andrew Randall, Jr.

Mayor - Town of Blanchard

"Jim" Galambos (R) - Shreveport
Karry Moore (R) - Shreveport
Steve Umling (R) - Shreveport

Mayor - Town of Oil City

"James" T. Sims (D)

Mayor - Village of Hosston

Betty "Susie" Giles (No Party)

Mayor - Village of Ida

Kenneth Shaw (No Party)

Mayor - Village of Rodessa

Paul Lockard (Other)
Jimmy Phillips (No Party)

Chief of Police - Village of Hosston

"Whit" Giles (Other)

Chief of Police - Village of Ida

David Austin (Other)

Alderman District 1, Town of Oil City

Alderman District 2, Town of Oil City

"Donnie" Jackson (D)

Alderman District 3, Town of Oil City

Omelia Steward (Other)

Alderman District 4, Town of Oil City

Cynthia Poindexter Barkschat (R)
Sharon Emmons (D)

Alderman District 5, Town of Oil City

James Clifton, Sr. (D)
William "Ricky" Entrekin (R)

Aldermen - Village of Hosston (3 to be elected)

Emmett Carter (R)
Charles Giles (D)
Ronnie Prestridge (No Party)

Aldermen - Village of Ida (3 to be elected)

Brian Hevrin (R)
David M. Rose (No Party)
Harvey D. Anders (Other)
Joseph A. Gott (R) 0

Aldermen - Village of Rodessa (3 to be elected)

Sidney Falgout (R)
"Dan" Harville (Other)
Henry B. "Benji" House (Other)

DeSoto Parish voters are also electing:

District Judge 42nd Judicial District Court, Division A

John Evans (D) - Grand Cane
Adrienne D. White (D) - Mansfield
Amy Burford McCartney (No Party) - Stonewall
Brenda Ford (D) - Stonewall

Justice of the Peace - District 4 

Maria Taylor Hogan (D) - Mansfield
Brenda McBride (D) - Mansfield
Brian M. Phillips (No Party) - Mansfield

Mayor - Town of Logansport

Kevin Bryant (D)
Judge S. Cordray, Jr. (D)

Mayor - Village of South Mansfield

Kevin Vanzant (D)

Alderman - Village of Grand Cane

Sharon Deas (D) - Grand Cane

Aldermen - Village of South Mansfield (3 to be elected)

Council Member - Town of Logansport (5 to be elected)

Norman Arbuckle (R)
Christy Ballard (R)
Jeannie Ramsey Border (R)
Katherine Freeman (D)
Dwight D. Gatlin Sr. (D)
Martha P. Guillotte (D)
June Creech Hooper (R)
Terry Jones (D)
Charles "Matt" LaFollette (Other)
Deborah "Deb" Roberts (D)
Frank "Poncho" Thigpen (R)
Pamela "Pam" Thomas (D)
Edith Duncan Williams (D)

Webster Parish voters are also electing:

2nd Circuit, 2nd District, At-Large Court of Appeal Judge

Jay Caraway (R) - Bossier City
"Jeff" Cox (R) - Benton

Constable - Justice of the Peace District 1

Mayor - Town of Cotton Valley

Joseph Alexander (D)
Lynn "Bubba" Guillot (No Party)
Comerdis Phillips (D)

Mayor - Town of Cullen

Terry "Bippy" Hoof (No Party) - Springhill
"Mr. Gary" Sullivan (Other) - Sarepta

Mayor - Town of Sarepta

Peggy Adkins (R)

Mayor - Town of Sibley

Jimmy Williams (No Party)

Mayor - Village of Dixie Inn

Kay Hallmark-Stratton (No Party) - Minden
Ava Nell McWhorter (Other) - Dixie Inn

Mayor - Village of Dubberly

"W.C." Hirth (No Party)

Mayor - Village of Shongaloo

Chief of Police - Town of Cotton Valley

Terry C. Brown (No Party)
David Pickings (D)

Chief of Police - Town of Cullen

Rosetta Carr Burnett (D)
Christopher Lauderdale (D)
George Salsberry Jr. (No Party)

Chief of Police - Town of Sarepta

Richard Downs (No Party)
Ted Lewis (R)
Raymond Moore, Jr. (No Party)

Chief of Police - Town of Sibley

Jeremy Robinson (No Party)

Chief of Police - Village of Dubberly

Joseph Henry (R)
Charles E. Mims (D)

Aldermen - Town of Cotton Valley (5 to be elected)

C.C. "Cat" Cox (D)
James Davidson Sr. (No Party)
Cheryl Dyer (No Party)
Naomi Houston (Democrat)
Charlene Lewis (R)
Evelyn Parish (D)
"Don" Shirley (Other)
Toby Sinclair (D)
Thomas Smith (D)

Aldermen - Town of Cullen (5 to be elected)

Barbara Green (D) - Cullen
Ray Mills (D) - Cullen
Fannie Rankin (D) - Cullen
Bridget Salsberry (No Party) - Springhill
Carolyn Sullivan (Other) - Sarepta
Doris L. White (D) - Cullen
Floydean White (D) - Cullen

Aldermen - Town of Sarepta (5 to be elected)

Michael A. Corley (R)
Melanie Dean (R)
Patty Fain (No Party)
Kenneth Ivy (No Party)
David Neal (No Party)
Madison Claire Tyler (R)
Heath Warford (R)

Aldermen - Town of Sibley (5 to be elected)

Doyle Chanler (D)
John Langford (No Party)
Larry Merritt (Other)
Alan Myers (No Party)
Robert Smart (No Party)

Aldermen - Village of Dixie Inn (3 to be elected)

"Nell" Finlay (R) - Minden
Donna Hoffoss (R) - Minden
Judy McKenzie (R) - Minden
Connie Woods (R) - Minden

Aldermen - Village of Dubberly

Johnny Brown (R)
Lynn Cooley (No Party)
Douglas B. Culpepper (Other)

Aldermen - Village of Shongaloo

Qualifying through the Secretary of State's Office ends Friday, July 22. Get the latest ingo on the Secretary of State's website.

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