Who is this country newcomer? Devin Dawson has an amazing single that gets stuck in your head. The first time I heard it I had to replay it over and over again. When I saw a picture of him I was convinced I had seen him somewhere. Maybe you are thinking the same thing. Remember that YouTube video that went viral of a guy and a girl back to back singing Taylor Swift mash up songs? Turns out that is in fact how Devin Dawson gained popularity. Dawson and his friend Louisa Wendorff performed the epic Taylor Swift mashup and Wendorff loaded it up on to her YouTube channel not realizing this would be Devin Dawson's big break. In case you have no idea what video made Dawson famous check out the video below!

Luckily for Devin Dawson, he signed with Warner Bros. Records and his debut album Dark Horse will be released on January 19, 2018. Dawson has toured with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and who knows what else is in store for this talented country newcomer. We eagerly await the "Dark Horse".