Dr. John Vanchiere, Infectious Disease Specialist at Shreveport's LSU Health, talks about the med school's schedule for COVID vaccine boosters and the locations where the shots are available.

Are the shots available now?

"Anybody can come for a booster now. You need to be six months out from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or two months after (receiving) the Johnson & Johnson vaccine," says Vanchiere, "All three are available at our site here on Linwood Avenue and some sites around town this weekend."

Can you 'mix' vaccines?

And what about mixing the vaccines, i.e., does your booster have match your original shot? "Getting a booster of a different type of vaccine is okay, "Vanchiere continues, "The recommendation is that if you got Johnson & Johnson originally. My recommendation and I think most doctors would say so as well, is to get a booster with Pfizer or Moderna."

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Any negative effects?

And what about negative physical reactions to the vaxx, like soreness or slight fever, that many complained about, especially after the second dose. "Side effects (for the booster) are about the same as the second dose," the doctor explains, "Most people have no side effects, some will have a tender arm for a couple of days and a lower proportion will have...a more systemic reaction with a low grade fever, muscle ache, fatigue and the like for a couple of days."

But what about kids?

And what about youngsters and the booster? What does Vanchiere think? "Most young, healthy people don't need to have the booster," he says, "But it's okay to get a booster.

"There are people who are worried and say, 'I'd like a little extra protection to get through the holidays and the winter season,' and that's perfectly reasonable."

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To get more information about COVID 19 vaccine boosters, including the complete schedule of times and vaxx locations, JUST CLICK HERE! To pre-register (if this is your first vaccine dose or you received your first dose at a location other than LSU Health, JUST CLICK HERE!

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