The mighty honey bee is an amazing miracle of nature.  Sure it's not cool when we get stung, but they pollinate 1/3 of all plants on the planet (including our crops), and they make honey!  Our little black and yellow friends get my respect, but they need a little more than that.  The bees have been having tough time lately due to dwindling populations.  I am proud to announce that we live in a society that cares about this, and is doing something about it.

KSLA is reporting that in downtown Shreveport, Agora Borealis is doing it's part by partnering with local beekeeper Brad Smoak in order to sustain a hive on it's roof.  This local artisan marketplace features local artists and is quite concerned with making a positive environmental impact.  I think hosting a hive of local bees that are making artisan honey while pollinating local plants pretty much ties up all of this in a bow.

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