I asked a few of my friends what they really wanted for Mother's Day. Let me just say, I was very much shocked. My sweet friends are way too real when it comes to their wants on their big day. I was hoping to get some sweet responses back. Here are the raw and real text messages I got back.

"Let me introduce you to somebody, his name is Dad. Go get him to find your socks. He too can help you with that last minute school project. LEAVE ME ALONE ON MOTHER'S DAY!" 

"If you really want to make me feel loved, try cleaning the house. Unless those flowers help pick up the mess made when I wasn't around I am not interested."

"Sleep. Seriously, like don't bother me. Leave me alone and let me truly sleep in. Can that actually be thing on Mother's Day?"

"Load me up on gift cards. Chocolate is great and all, but Chick-fil-A is better. If it has a drive through, I'm all about it."

"Breakfast in bed is for the birds. Give me brunch in bed, mimosas bloody Mary's and all." 

I don't regret asking them what they really want, ladies just let it out! What I am gathering. Moms want some action from dad, as in dad step it up. Kids, leave your mom alone. Am I getting this right? Happy Mother's Day Mom, we hope you get what you really want this year!

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