Wait, isn't she still a contestant on this season of The Bachelor?

Is this season of The Bachelor with Nick Viall a sinking ship or does ABC see a strategy that we don't. While this season of The Bachelor has yet to come to a close, we have already seen so many interviews with Nick, probably more than a typical season would be showing at this point. Now, we have an official announcement as to who the new Bachelorette is which presents a unique problem.

She's still a contestant on Nick's season.

Awkward. However, ABC may be looking to add some extra promotion to their show and allow fans to see Rachel in a different light as they finish out this season and she is ultimately eliminated. She's been a fan favorite and we will only be filled with sympathy for her since she obviously finishes things up as a single woman.

Simultaneously, dodging a bullet in my opinion.

So what do we need to know about this Southern belle? We turned to E! and the New York Times to compile a simple list.

1. Rachel is the franchise's first African American lead looking for love. It seriously took ABC 14 years to make this happen.

2. She's a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. As a native of Dallas, it's hard not to love "America's Team." And yes, I'm thinking the same thing... Can we skip The Bachelorette and pair her with the Ark-La-Tex's Dak Prescott already?

3. Brains on brains on brains. Rachel is a personal injury lawyer and actually comes from a lawyer family. Hopefully this will help her make her decisions in the court of love.

4. Jennifer Aniston loves her. She talked about how cute Rachel is on Jimmy Kimmel recently and even complimented her arms. Isn't she preaching to the choir on this?

5. Nick already regrets his decision. Ok, he didn't say as much, but he did say that his goodbye with her was "one of the most heartbreaking moments" of his life.

The Bachelorette premieres on May 22.


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