It's an understatement to say that things have gotten a bit nutty with the whole Roseanne thing - AKA "Ambien makes you tweet racist things and get a whole show full of people (including yourself) on your show fired."  Now that the initial phase of the controversy has passed, it seems we are finding ourselves in a weird place.  In light of the interest streaming service Bond has shown in acquiring the recently free-agented hit show, a new challenger appears!  The most unlikely network in the world to resurrect (again) Roseanne could be considering the impossible.  According to Entertainment Weekly, ABC (AKA the network that just cancelled the show) may not be done with the show just yet.

The network is reportedly in top-level talks to determine if the family comedy featuring the Connors could continue without the titular character.  Interestingly enough, EW also claims that ABC is still on the financial hook to pay the salaries of the cast and crew for the entire season - so this isn't the craziest idea.  Here's the kicker - since the Roseanne Barr is one of the show's creators, she would benefit financially from any continuation of the show.

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