During the storm today I found out that my adorable dog, Rudd, is terrified of storms. He was so freaked out about the weather he would yelp and bark and scurry to get under my feet. He even knocked me over a few times running away from the lightning.

So what do you do with a dog who is terrified of thunder?

The masterful mind that is The Dodo says that you should create a safe space for your dog or create a distraction. The Dodo also suggests using white noise which I have never heard of before. Honestly, white noise creeps me out. Thats how you get ghosts. They also suggest getting one of the thunder jackets that are made for dogs, but do they really work? However, I do agree that you have to create a safe space.

Apparently the safe space in my apartment is my lap. My 50 lb. chocolate lab thinks that my lap is the only place in the whole apartment where lightening and thunder can't get to him.

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