Shreveport Bossier and all of north Louisiana are getting lots of disrespect from hundreds of folks in south Louisiana. It's a map called "Is It Cajun?"
A group called "Developing Lafayette" posted this map and on this map, all of north Louisiana is listed as part of southern Arkansas. Shreveport is listed as a suburb of Dallas. The entire Baton Rouge and New Orleans region is listed as part of southern Mississippi. Lake Charles is listed as part of east Texas.

Photo by Scott Lewis/TSM
Photo by Scott Lewis/TSM

The only "true Cajun" areas in the state are surrounding Lafayette.

 What Cities Get the Real Cajun Labels?

Ville Platte, Opelousas and Eunice are listed as Prairie Cajun.

Lafayette, New Iberia, Crowley, Abbeville and Franklin are shown as Central Cajun.

Morgan City and Houma are listed as Swamp Cajun.

And posting this map and the chart really is not the worst part. It's the hundreds of people who agree with the map and don't think north Louisiana is really a part of the Cajun culture of the Bayou State.

Here's one comment from the social media post:

"By the way, kudos to the creator of this 113% accurate map. I don’t know who you are but your work is appreciated. If you disagree with this map, then submit your edit. And no, don’t lower the North Louisiana line any, because that would be misinformation to the 10th power."


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