PSA: Sunday is Mother's Day. If you are married, and you guys have children, yes, you need to get her a little something for Mother's Day. No, the macaroni art on the fridge is not enough. Seriously, show some effort.

Every year I ask my co-workers and friends what they really want for Mother's Day. I am always perplexed by their answers. It's true, mom just wants some acknowledgment and some peace. Check out the Mother's Day Gift requests below.

  • "Let me introduce you to somebody, his name is Dad. Go get him to find your socks. He too can help you with that last-minute school project. LEAVE ME ALONE ON MOTHER'S DAY!" 
  • "I need a spa day, where the money I spend is not an issue. Give me the credit card and let me be as soon as this ban is lifted."
  • "If you really want to make me feel loved, try cleaning the house. Unless those flowers help pick up the mess made when I wasn't around I am not interested. The house has not been cleaned since the last week of March"
  • "Sleep. Seriously, like don't bother me. Leave me alone and let me truly sleep in."
  • "Load me up on gift cards. Chocolate is great and all, but Starbucks is better. If it has a drive-through, I'm all about it."
  • "Breakfast in bed is for the birds. Give me brunch in bed, Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, and all." 
  • "I would really love a day where no questions are allowed. From my husband to my kids, to my co-workers bugging me on the weekend."
  • "A restaurant reservation. One thing I am missing lately is a meal that is not homemade. I don't care if I have to bring my own lawn chair, I just want a meal that isn't from the drive-through and that I didn't make."
  • "I never thought I would say this, but we have been sheltering in place far too long. I need time away from my kids. PLEASE TAKE THEM NANA!"
  • "Ammo for my gun and a day on the range."
  • "A cake from Nothing Bundt cakes for myself. No sharing. 

Let us know what you truly want for Mother's Day, no shame here.

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