Have you been seeing these "ladybug" beetles all over the place lately?

You're not alone. Just yesterday, I had at least 5 co-workers come into the office with these bugs stuck to their body. This isn't even counting the numerous people I saw talking about the bugs in their homes on social media.

So what's their deal? Are these ladybugs? Why are they everywhere?

It seems as if one Facebook user by the name of B.J. Wallace Stevens has all the answers. And those answers have been shared thousands of times, so it looks like we're not alone here in South Louisiana when it comes to this "ladybug epidemic."

One listener said her husband left his truck open for a few minutes and returned to find the beetles swarming the door frame.


So, to recap:

  • They aren't ladybugs.
  • They aren't good luck.
  • They DO bite.
  • You may be allergic.
  • They leave blood trails behind to attract more of their friends.
  • They HATE lemon oil.
  • Get rid of them using lemon oil based products.

There you have it. Spread the word by sharing this post and good luck!

[via Facebook]

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