There's just no fun in leaving work early on a day that we're not actually working.

There are few things in life that feel better than leaving work early. Equivalent to leaving school early back in the day, you certainly feel like you're getting away with something. Whether you're sneaking out or simply being let go early for something as simple as a holiday weekend, it's extremely elating.

In fact, this feeling is so grand there is a national holiday dedicated to it. It's National Leave the Office Early Day. Unfortunately, no one got to celebrate it this year.

Because this year it fell on Saturday.

This is one of the few holidays that if it's not scheduled for a weekday, then it just gets skipped. Could you imaging is Christmas 2018 was cancelled because it was scheduled to hit on a Saturday?! It's complete insanity! There would be anarchy in the streets!

Since it can be argued that leaving the office early mimics the feeling of a legitimate holiday, we should be granted a do-over. Can we add this to the bylaws of the National Day Calendar? I vote that we are given the right to celebrate National Leave the Office Early Day this week.

We should be able to leave work early this Friday without any repercussions. I believe this is reasonable. My first idea was to reserve the right to use this holiday at our personal preference. Kind of like a "get out of jail free" card. This seemed less extreme.

Would you agree?

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