America loves a good voice being discovered on a TV show. We love picking our favorite singers and hoping they make it to the top.

Remember when Willie Jones from Shreveport had his big break on X Factor? Willie Jones was only 17 at the time but all of Shreveport was cheering on the young man with the deepest voice any of us had ever heard. We love us a good country song here in Shreveport.

It's no secret that many of us watch The Voice because we have slowly started to become way too attached to the judges. I mean who wouldn't?

Season 21 of The Voice, just had "Blind Auditions" which is phase one of four. This is the phase where we see judges build their teams, with their favorite 16 singers.

The awesome part about this is that the judges never see the contestant. Their chairs are facing the audience and not facing the audience. This makes it to where the judges can only pick a contestant based on their voice alone.

Jershika Maple who grew up in Shreveport and now lives in Killeen, TX was able to turn Kelly Clarkson's chair with her amazing "Blind Audition". Her version of "Can You Stand The Rain" earned her a spot on Team Kelly.

We love seeing someone from our area making it on to shows where they're able to showcase their talent. We will keep cheering on Jershika and follow her journey on The Voice.

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