Walmart is hoping to step their game up, from offering their truck drivers up to $90,000 a year to enticing people to work for them starting at $11 an hour. Walmart has something else up their sleeve to entice their current employees. More pay if they don't take "sick" days. We are all guilty of taking "sick" days on days where we just aren't feeling it. Walmart is hoping to put an end to that with their employees.

According to CNN Business Walmart is revamping the attendance policy in place. As of this weekend, Walmart will give their employees an extra 25 percent on top of the cash bonuses they get every quarter for perfect attendance. Walmart will also start offering 'protected PTO' for their employees. So parents can take care of their sick kids and still be eligible for their 25% extra on their bonus. Do you think that this will work in Walmarts favor?



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