It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we were outside enjoying the weather. As I sit down on my chair to just relax and then it happened. My little friend Gigi came up to us and said I am bored I want to go swimming. Now it was in the 70's so she assumed the water would be warm and swimming in Cross Lake would be perfect she was wrong. Her mother told her the water would be cold and Gigi didn't believe her. So after a lovely mother - daughter discussion a decision was made.

The decision was if Gigi wanted to go swimming by god she could go. That's when I got involved as Gigi stuck her foot in the water she realized that she may have made a mistake. So, I simply said it's not that cold and once you get in everything will be fine. Now everybody knows swimming in Cross lake in February is not the smartest thing for anybody to do. The second she hits the water she knew she made a mistake, but the dogs were happy they jumped in too! So being the person I am told Gigi I was going to record it so she would have proof that she was right. She was not right and even admitted that it was the dumbest thing she had ever done.

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