A viral TikTok video caught my attention because I had no idea it was possible to repossess a shower. At first, it just looked like a crazed contractor having a meltdown. However, I realized it was much more than that.

Check out the extended video below:

What led to this crazed contractor meltdown?

After surfing several TikTok videos, social media posts, and Youtube videos here is all the information gathered. Amber Trucke hired Dream Home Remodels of Colorado Springs to remodel her bathroom.

Trucke posted some invoices on social media and showed that she had paid $3,330 out of her $7,555 balance. Why did the client not finish paying the contractor? She claimed the contractor didn't complete what they agreed upon.

Amber Trucke told denver.cbslocal.com that he was wanting to make sure the finished product checked out and everything worked properly. Trucke claimed that she planned to pay him the difference, she definitely didn't expect the contractor to lose it and show up with a sledgehammer.

I have heard of many cases where things need to be repossessed, however, a shower being demolished because a balance wasn't paid off is a new one for me. Maybe this is the way they handle situations like this in Colorado.

Am I the only one who is mortified that the cops weren't called?

How does one de-escalate a situation like this anyway?

How did the angry contractor make his way into the woman's house?

He didn't have a key or anything, he let himself in and walked past Trucke's roommate.

Is the contractor right or wrong?

Will the contractor have to pay for the damage in the shower? Who is going to pay for this? As of now, all we know is this will be settled in small claims court.

This story would never fly in the Ark-La-Tex.

I reached out to a well-known home remodeling company and asked them what the process looks like for them. They claimed that it's very common to not collect payment until the client is happy with the completed work. So if it's normal for clients to wait until the work is done, why did this contractor freak out?


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