Take a good look at any quarters you might have or get as change next time you're at the store, you just might have a small fortune and not know it.

Error Coin Quarters From Year 2000
YouTube Via DC Coin World

Valuable US Quarters Error Coins

Go ahead and crack open the kid's piggy banks, because there could be gold in them thar hills!

When coins are being produced at the U.S. Mint, every now and then mistakes are made. Those mistakes many times aren't realized until the coins are in circulation.

Those mistakes are what coin collectors' dreams are of.

Currently, there are several quarters that are fetching good money from coin collectors.

Understand the world of coin collecting is a pretty tricky one for newbies and the prices can fluctuate from day to day.

What you want to inspect your quarters for or any change you have, are errors.

Look for mistakes that look like they happened at the mint, and you could be selling them to collectors for serious money.

Below are a few videos showing you what to look for.

Drooling George Washington Quarter



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