Valerie Collum of Princeton, Louisiana is having "one of those" kind of days. Everything is going perfectly! There was no traffic this morning. Her coffee was hot, and she didn't spill any on her new dress, AND she just won $800 in the Kiss Country Secret Sound Contest.

Yep, Valerie was the one who figured out the latest Secret Sound was actually the sound of a "screwdriver tapping a computer mouse."

She says that the clues had already given her the computer mouse part of the sound, but today's clue gave her the rest. And speaking of those clues, here are all five.

Clue #5 for Tuesday, May 14: Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Clue #4 for Monday, May 13: An I.T. guy's nervous habit

Clue #3 for Friday, May 10: Browsing is nearly impossible without it

Clue #2 for Thursday, May 9: With or without cord, it would sound the same

Clue #1 for Wednesday, May 8: Some are hairy. This is not.

Congratulations again Valerie and we're not done yet! We've got another Secret Sound worth $1,000 that we'll play on Kiss Country for the first time tomorrow morning at 6:15 with Gary and Bristol.

Sun Tan City

Oh yeah! $1,000 from Suntan City, where you can tan for as low as $17.99 a month! When we play the Secret Sound, just be the 9th caller to 320-5477, that's 320-KISS, and correctly identify the sound and you win the money!

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