Ok. You didn't exactly knock it out of the park on Valentine's Day. Here's how you can fix it.

Gentlemen, we have made it through another Valentine's Day. Some of you came out smelling like roses (pun totally intended), while others of you kind of smell like the fertilizer (not punny). Before you think that you'll be sleeping on the couch until next Valentine's Day, there is a way you can fix things. You're actually lucky that Valentine's Day fell on a Wednesday this year. Not only do you have the chance to use that middle-of-the-busy-week excuse, but you also have this weekend to save the day.

Here are some ways you can salvage your botched day of love...

1. Movie Night - You say simple, I say classic. Who doesn't love a movie? And who doesn't love to choose the movie? Surprise her with tickets to the movie she's been telling you she wants to see for the last few weeks. For an added touch, stop by the store and load up on her favorite snacks. And be prepared to settle in for a romance. You know, Fifty Shades Freed is out... Just suck it up!

2. Breakfast in Bed - This is better if you prepared the meal yourself, but not everyone can be Gordon Ramsey. If you're worried that cooking a meal would actually do more harm than good (like burning the house down), get up early and go pick something up. Order her favorite dish to-go, pick up her favorite latte, or grab pastries that you can share together. Wanna kick it up a notch? Serve it up on a tray with some flowers.

3. Go All Out - The best part of that post-Valentine's Day glow is that everything is on sale! Send her out to get her nails done or even get massage. While she's gone, you can run to the store and grab literally any and all Valentine's Day gifts for like 75% off. Check the florists as well. Sometimes they have specialty arrangements that didn't sell. Then allow Cupid to throw up on your home. Decorate, drop some rose petals, light some candles, put on the latest Starbucks sampler... It sounds a bit much, but remember that you're trying to remedy your prior mistake.

4. Surprise Getaway - "Oh no honey, I didn't forget. I just planned a little getaway for the weekend." It's genius! Get out of town for a night or two, but be sure she knows that you made some arrangements prior to your departure. This can work even if you just do a little stay-cation.

5. Apologize - On your knees until you wear holes into your jeans. Apologies can also be in the form of doing your "honey do" list without being asked or nagged, deep cleaning the house, servicing and detailing her car. Literally anything you can do to make her life easier, without her having to ask, is utter perfection!

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