This past weekend, my older brother came down to hang out with the family for a few days.  We he arrived, he was surprised that he couldn't pop open UBER and go wherever he pleased in the Shreveport / Bossier City area.  That disappointment is echoed across the SBC as we are still waiting for the ride sharing service so many cites already take for granted.

Just when it looked like the clouds would part and the sun would shine on our transportation options, the bill that would have allowed Louisiana to join 44 other states that currently enjoy ride sharing services is dead.

US News is reporting a measure that would regulate these services in Louisiana is dead in the legislative session that is set to end on June 8th.  Rep. Kenny Havard's measure was expected to be heard by a Senate committee yesterday, but he shelved it without consideration.

Havard claims that pressure from New Orleans Lawmakers and taxi unions for stalling the bill and making it unable to pass.

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