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You are invited to decorate your boat and join in on the "Cross Lake Silent Majority Patriots' Boat Parade".

It's happening Saturday, October 3 from 3 PM – 9 PM.

This outing is hosted by Jim and Brenda O'Brock, Lee O. Savage and Stephen Smith but anyone is welcome to attend.

The group will kick off this parade on the water at the eastern end of Cross lake, near the water treatment plant. The train of boats will then travel along the south shore and cross over to the north shore and return to the east end of the lake.
You are reminded to be sure you get a current Cross Lake sticker on your boat. You can get one at the Lake Patrol office next to the Yacht Club on South Lakeshore. Be sure to bring your boat registration and $20.
If you can't get a ride on a boat, you can watch the parade from the Municipal pier or the American Legion property on South Lakeshore.
Some tips for those who are going:
Don't overload your boat. Don't drink and drive and be sure to have life jackets for all on board. You should also carry a fire-extinguisher on your boat.
The American Legion will let folks use the boat ramp to get your craft in the lake, but the rules for that facility do not allow any political flags or signs. So keep those out of site until you launch your boat. The American Legion will be selling food and drink in the lounge.

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