This obviously isn't virgin ground for Louisiana lawmakers. They have been here before; as lately as last year.

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In a story we see from the Louisiana Radio Network, the Senate Education Committee has advanced a bill, without objection, that would ban any Louisiana person who was born male, from competing in women's athletic events.

It was Franklinton Republican Senator Beth Mizell who reintroduced the legislation this year, after it's passage last year was ultimately halted with Governor John Bel Edwards veto.

The bill's discussion comes on the heels of last month's win by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas over female competitors. Some considered it easy to spot the physical advantages that Thomas had over any competitors who were born female.

It's About Being Fair

According to Monroe Democrat Senator Katrina Jackson, that's the issue at hand here; fairness. She says the intent of the bill centers on heading off any potential issues in regards to fairness to female athletes, saying “and that’s really the heart of the matter of this bill. Not whether or not you believe that people have the right to be transgender or not; but whether or not, physically, does it knock someone who is a female out of their ranking.”

But Is The Bill Prejudicial?

On the flip side of the coin, Sarah Jane Guidry, Executive Director of Forum for Equality, says that the bill isn't without its share of unintended & prejudicial consequences for young transgenders, “SB44 would mean that 3rd grader, a 7th grader… somebody who doesn’t participate at the collegiate level … would not be able to play sports.”

The bill will now go to the Senate floor for debate.

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