We're not sure you can call this a fast getaway.

A 35-year-old tortoise in Japan named Abuh was found earlier this month, two weeks after it escaped from the Shibukawa Animal Park.

The best part? The slow-moving creature was a whopping 460 feet from the zoo.

The zoo was so worried it has lost Abuh it offered a $4,500 for anyone who could track her down.

"Their plan proved a success when a sharp-eyed local bounty hunter spotted the roaming reptile in nearby shrubbery," reports AFP. Go ahead and cue up that "Tortoise the Bounty Hunter" joke.

Amazingly, this marks the second time the tortoise fled the grounds, prompting the facility to take steps to avoid this happening again.

Abuh had been allowed to move about the zoo on her own, which explains how she gave everyone the (very slow) slip.

If a tortoise can hightail it out of the zoo twice, then we can only imagine how far the cheetahs will get should they elect to make a break for it.

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