Christmas has arrived early in the Ark-La-Tex, with unexpected snow hitting the area early this morning.

If you're anything like me,you woke up this morning to snow and thought, "WUT?" Generally,if we get snow at all, it comes much later into the winter season. January-February-ish. So to have some nice-sized snowflakes hit in mid-November, it's shocking to say the least.

So now we have to ask the important question. Why/How is is snowing in Shreveport?

I'm no meteorologist but I decided to put on my thinking cap and come up with a list of possible reasons.


1. Hell Has Truly Froze Over. When trying to figure out how we got snow in November, this reason was at the very top of my list. Snowflakes in our area this early is unprecedented, clearly Hell has frozen over.

2. The Flying Pigs Brought the Snow. If Hell freezing over isn't the reason for the snow, it has to be the next logical thing. That would be that pigs can now fly, and they bring wintry weather with them when they hit the skies.

3. Drug Deal Gone Terribly Wrong. This possibility was pointed out by my good friend Aaron McAvoy. Maybe that's not snow at all drifting throughout the Shreveport skies.

4. Grocery Stores Caused Snow to Sell Product. This ones a stretch but if the conglomerates that run our local grocery options put together their resources and caused a little snow in our area, they would benefit from literally selling out of everything within minutes. Makes you wonder....

5. Barksdale Bubble Malfunction. This is, without question, the most likely reason for the snow in our area. The Barksdale Bubble exists and works around the clock to keep things like this from happening. Maybe it had a slight malfunction this morning and allowed a little snow to come in.

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