The official mammal of Louisiana is the Black Bear, the state reptile is of course the alligator and as many know the state bird is the Brown Pelican. We got to thinking, what should the official alternative animals for the state of Louisiana be?

  • Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
    Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

    Nutria Rat

    Maybe our favorite giant rat to shoot with BB guns should be the state animal!

    Somewhere between super cute and hideously ugly is where you'll find the nutria! You may also find them in rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches or anywhere with a little water. What makes them a good choice as state animal? They're cute (or ugly) and noisy! Sounds like a lot of women I know from Louisiana!

    Raise your hand if you've eaten nutria stew? If you've lived in Louisiana your entire life, odds are you have and just didn't know it.

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    Pinchin' tails, suckin' heads, kickin' a$$, and takin' names!

    Whether you call it a crawfish, mudbug, crawdad or crayfish... this may be the "animal" most synonymous with Louisiana culture. Yankees and west-coasters may be disgusted by their sight, but to a Louisianian... it get's the mouth watering! While most people in the world remember the "one-time" they've tried crawfish, the rest of us can't remember the first time we had the cajun delicacy.  Easy choice as state animal!

    Raise your hand if you ever had crawfish fights as a kid? They never seemed to attack each other, but they sure will pinch a finger given half the chance.

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    This ain't Texas, but guess what... we got a butt-load of armadillos in Louisiana.

    Ruin-er of yards, baseball fields, and bumpers all across the great state of Louisiana! The armadillo may be the hardest to kill of all our friendly pests, which makes it great choice for state animal. It's resilient baby, just like the storm stricken residents of the lower half of the state.

    Raise your hand if your grandma ever rushed out of the kitchen to shoot an armadillo with her hand-gun! Mine's raised.

  • Jack Leonard/New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board/Getty Images
    Jack Leonard/New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board/Getty Images


    I believe they had a vote at the legislature to make this the state bird!

    As a Louisianian I still can't believe that we live with these damn mosquitoes... like every day! Why should it be the state animal? Because mosquitoes + a good bug zapper makes for a heckuva Saturday night!

    Raise your hand if you've seen a mosquito with a long tail, or with multi-colored bodies, or so big that it could carry off a potato chip! Yep, you're from Louisiana.



    If there's a bigfoot, it most certainly is in Louisiana.

    Ok, ok. I haven't seen one yet and you haven't either... but that's just cuz they're smarter than us! Which is reason enough to make bigfoot the official Louisiana state animal! You know the day they discover bigfoot it's gonna be some guy who lives on a swamp in LaFourche parish who accidentally kills one with a prop motor! Don't believe bigfoot exists? Heck, this lady raised one!

    Raise your hand if you ever ran out in the yard to see what the dogs were barking at and then it disappeared into the woods without a trace! Yep... bigfeet!

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