Steven and I are headed to the beach this year for our 4th of July. This is not a yearly trip for us, it is actually a first for both of us. It is guaranteed to be packed full of vacationing families. Being born and raised in the Southeast when I think summer vacation, I think beaches, lakes, rivers---odd that those places that first come to mind did not make the Orbitz top 10 list for 4th of July travel.  Orbitz Top 10 4th of July Vacation Destinations for 2011

1. New York City

2. Orlando

3. Chicago

4. Las Vegas

5. Denver

6. Los Angeles

7. San Francisco

8. Boston

9. Seattle

10. Washington


These cities made the top 10 for one thing: their abilities to celebrate Independence Day in full blown American style! Evidently these 10 cities go big from barbecue to the fireworks.



I don't need a big show to enjoy the 4th. Honestly, big crowds and traffic aren't really my thing. What I need to make my 4th of July fabulous: a grill, a cooler, good friends, and a fan blowing my hair or a breeze off the water. Oh and don't forget sunblock. . . because I almost lack all pigment whatsoever.

Busy Beach

In a little bit I'm headed to the house to start my packing. Who am I kidding. I'm not packing until laaattte Friday night. Then we will hit the road Saturday morning playing some Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, eating our Southern Made donuts headed east for the beach---and hoping our house sitter doesn't set the place on fire while we are gone.


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